We will hold an online information session for the 2024 "Independence Course".


Sasaki Celluloid is now accepting applications for this year's "Independence Course."

The shortage of young talent in the eyewear manufacturing industry has become a significant issue, and Sasaki Celluloid Industry is addressing this challenge. Last year's "Independence Course," which began with many applicants, resulted in the hiring of two artisans-to-be. 

We will continue to recruit in 2024 and will hold an online information session on Friday, July 26, 2024. Please check the website for details and apply.

株式会社佐々木セルロイド工業所、若者の眼鏡職人不足に向け「独立コース」を2024年度も開催 | 株式会社佐々木セルロイド工業所のプレスリリース (prtimes.jp)