Sasaki Celluloid has been featured in MODE OPTIQUE vol.56!

MODE OPTIQUE(モード・オプティーク)vol.56に掲載いただきました!

This time, we were featured in MODE OPTIQUE vol.56's celluloid special feature and Silmo Paris 2023 related articles!

MODE OPTIQUE is known only to those in the know and is a must-read for eyeglass lovers. I'm sure there are many readers who love it. I myself have looked forward to picking up each issue of this magazine, and I feel very honored to have been featured in such a medium.

*From MODE OPTIQUE vol.56. Permission to publish has been granted.


I am filled with gratitude to the editor-in-chief, Mr. Matsuzaki, for coming to our company and writing wonderful articles based on the interesting information we gathered.

If you have a chance, I would appreciate it if you could pick it up and take a look!