"OPTIQ TAYLOR by Sasaki Celluloid" is preparing to open!

「OPTIQ TAYLOR by Sasaki Celluloid」、じわじわとオープン準備中。

Silmo in Paris, SabaeRENEW, in TokyoFaW TokyoThe project was completed successfully, and we were busy making arrangements to ship the products to our loyal customers. If you notice...11Month! ? The year will be over in less than a month...! ? ? I was stunned. Time flies when you are at the mercy of your busy schedule. These days I once again think that I want to make the most of each day.

By the way, autumn has become quite intense in Sabae as well. There was a constant sound like a rumbling of the ground...the reason was that Sasaki Celluloid Industries' factory-attached store "OPTIQ TAYLOR by Sasaki Celluloid'' construction is progressing steadily.


A corner that used to be a reception room and conference room was demolished...


Ceiling punched out...


It's finally starting to look like a store.


We have various payment methods.


We are also considering and preparing the product lineup. I have a feeling that the store-only products will have a playful finish! Since you are going to take the trouble to visit our store in Sabae, we want you to have a special experience, and we are all working hard to prepare. "OPTIQ TAYLOR by Sasaki Celluloid is planned to be opened on January 2024! Please look forward to further updates.