OPTIQ TAILOR by Sasaki Celluloid.

OPTIQ TAILOR by Sasaki Celluloid、完成間近です。

Our store, OPTIQ TAILOR by Sasaki Celluloid, has finally reached its final stage of construction.Let me share our current OPTIQ TAILOR by Sasaki Celluloid.

Company entrance: The company entrance. The wallpaper is made of Echizen Japanese paper.


The front of the store: The store will be on the left side of the company entrance. The logo will be placed on the concrete wall.


Front: A translucent board with a glasses pattern.


Restroom: The restroom mark was made by a craftsman using glasses material.


Echizen ware: We installed a mirror and an Echizen ware sink in front of the women's restroom. 


Experience Corner: A place where you can experience polishing etc.


Showcase: Made of natural cedar from Fukui Prefecture. It is made from a single board, so the wood grain is beautiful.


Showcase 2: The wall is made of punching board. Decorate the entire surface with frames of various colors and designs.


Wall surface: Decorate the frame like this.


In this way, we incorporate as many local materials as possible. We are working hard to make our customers feel the history of Sasaki Celluloid and the charm of the area, which has continued for many years. As the store takes shape, we are filled with the excitement to meet customers I haven't seen yet.

Only a few steps left until completion! I would be happy if you could look forward to it.