Planning & Prototype

Eyewear is your partner for everyday life. It is something that helps you look how you want to be looked like. Sometimes powerful, sometimes elegant, and maybe sometimes energetic… your eyewear is something that supports to express your personality. 

Sasaki Celluloid is an expert in designing eyewear that fit your needs, we sometimes  even start from making our original acetate color. 

After the design is fixed, our expert makes a prototype one by one by hand to make your eyewear come into life.

Cutting & forming

After the design and prototype are fixed, then we finally go on to production. First step is to cut the selected materials into each parts of your eyewear frames in our machining center. Only this step relies on machines, all the processes after cutting is done by hands. 

Sasaki Celluloid’s craftsmen carefully adjust their power and angles, depending on the kind of acetate and celluloid is used. The adjustments all come from Sasaki Celluloid’s long time experience and knowledge.


Assembling & Polishing

After cutting and forming process, we assemble each parts of the eyewear frames into one. Sasaki Celluloid’s craftsmen carefully cut and shave the materials to accurately assemble. If something goes wrong and lacks preciseness in this process, this eyewear frame will become an uncomfortable piece to wear. So this process is also where we best use our craftsmanship. 

Then comes the polishing. Polishing is the process where the techniques of craftsmen come into light most. As the eyewear frames go through several different steps of polishing, they shine and glow more and more.

Finish & Inspection

After the polishing process, demo-lens are carefully placed and final adjustments are made by hands of our craftsmen. Then the eyewear frames go through strict inspection. And last but not least, “Made in Japan” is either engraved or printed on its temple.



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