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privacy policy


Sasaki Celluloid Ind. Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “we”) strives to protect personal information and we comply with Japanese laws and other rules that are applied upon handling personal information. We set the privacy policy as follows;

Range of Information

Within this privacy policy, we collect your information such as below;
-Your name, address, telephone number, birthday, gender, email address
-What items you have purchased within this website

Purpose of Using Personal Information

Your information that we collected will be used as below;
-To process your orders, and contact you when necessary
-To suggest other items and services
-To handle after-sales service
-To ask to participate in our website and social network, and introducing campaigns
-To improve our items and services

Safety Measure of Personal Information

We appropriately manage personal information and will not disclose personal information to the third parties excluding the case when there is an agreement, and when it is necessary to disclose based on a law.


When you have a request to inquire, correct, or delete any details of your personal information, or to stop any information from us, we will handle it as promptly as we can. Even if you choose not to receive any more information from us, we may still contact you administrative or informational notices concerning your product orders or account.
If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us.

Sasaki Celluloid Int. Co., Ltd. administration office
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Sasaki Celluloid Ind. Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “we”) uses social media to give information about our services and products. Therefore we set the social media policy and comply as follows.

The Purpose of Using Social Media

We use our official account for the purposes as follows and we will comply these purposes;
-To deliver useful information through our products and services
-To improve our services
-To notify our customers our thoughts

Attitude Toward Social Media

We understand that social media is used globally based on each individual person, and understand that once any information is uploaded, it cannot be deleted perfectly. Based on these points, we act as follows.
-Upon using social media, we will comply with laws of Japan and its regions
-We will offer useful information to our customers as much as possible
-We will listen to our customers’ opinions.
-When by mistake we dispatch wrong information, we will immediately correct with apology
-We will always be rational when communicating upon social media
-We will respect privacy and intellectual property rights of others

Operating Social Media

We will read comments we receive on our social media accounts with respect and use them to improve our services. Unfortunately we will not be able to answer to all of the inquiries we receive on social media, so please feel free to contact us.

To make the social media as comfortable as possible to use, we may delete any comments if it applies to any of the following.
-Any information that may cause misunderstanding or any information untrue
-Any information against the law
-Any information that may hurt someone or that causes invasion of privacy
-Any information that relates to political activity, religious activity, or sales activity
-Any information that does not relate to our official account
-Any other information that we decide inappropriate


Upon operating social media account, please also pay attention to below.
-We are not responsible for any action that others make using information that we dispatch from our social media account
-We are not responsible for any information dispatched by our customers
-We are not responsible for any trouble that may occur upon our customer and any other third party
-We may delete our social media account without any notice in advance



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